Albanian Goat Herders in Space

Albanian goat herders in space

starring tilapia-flavored

Clark Gable.


Starlit red dwarf carpet premiere,

Rolling Kidney Stones

is covering the interstellar views,

telescope paparazzi 

is sure to get Kim Kardashian before

she supernovas again

(everyone can see,

her core is collapsing).


Orbit of the limousines:

under their mantles are 

convections of cocaine currents,

last minute

plate tectonic,


public sex—

     crust of car door cracks

igneous rock

stars form photos



Albanian goat herders in space,

directed by

movement of the stars.

A black hole in this alignment,

the race/time continuum

color struck in finding darkest

point of light spectrum.  


A sined, cosined production,

tangents discussed at wavelength,

divided by armchair


(black tie suited to quinoa delivery service

by Prius).


After which cocktail

atmospheres bind

heads of overstatement 

to their radiocarbon



And the night begins.