NEbbish Frederick Douglass (Directed/Edited by Sammy Bass and Kevin Ulibarri)
The T.C. Wash Suite (Directed/Edited by Charlie Martin and Piers Dennis)
Breaded Cutlet, a Postmodern Delight (Directed/Edited by Ryan Calavano)
Under Mine and Over Pleasure, a Short Story by Muckraker Jones (animated by Dom Bloink)
Underclass Design feat. Jeremiah Jae (Shot by Jesse Justice/
Edited by Ryan Calavano)
Reflections for a Fly-by-Night (Animated by Dylan Tull)
Resident Harebrain (Directed/edited by Ryan Calavano) [2013]
Expository Sext (Directed/edited by Rhys langston) [2015]
Calculus Johnson (Directed/edited by Ryan Calavano) [2013]

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