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photos by Parker Day

photo by Jackie Radinsky

Notable Quotables
"Langston syncopates his verbal abstractions in double time and then triple time, delivering conundrums like: 'Creative manners to skip and erase from moment to moment/abstract, realist, most problematic version of futurism.' It’s both virtuosic and defiantly nonchalant."
-Jon Pareles for The New York Times
"Rhys Langston has mastered the art of weaving words to create singular feelings... Rhys’ delivery is teeming with conviction and understated swagger. He isn’t the Poet Laureate of the living room for nothing."
-Donna-Claire Chesman for DJ Booth
L.A. is the home of art rap. The avant-garde exists in other locales, but it’s flourished here for decades. You can trace the lineage from groups freestyling at The Good Life Cafe to ciphers at Project Blowed to performances at Low-End Theory. Rhys Langston is proudly part of this tradition, creating some of the most formally challenging and intellectually rigorous rap anywhere.
-Max Bell for SPIN
"Langston executes his words and music with a confidence and ease that cannot be taught."
-Lily Moayeri for LA Weekly

Rhys Langston is a rapper and multi-instrumentalist born, raised, and based in Los Angeles, CA.  Live in concert and recorded, his works are available in high-definition stereo and full-frontal honesty. As a performer he combines rap, singing, live beat effects, stand-up comedy, and avant-garde poetry into masterful, self-aware spectacles (cue the eye rolls).  As a recording artist, he largely self-produces, expertly engineering every facet of his music. Within his releases, his songs' concepts and sounds can range from crooning ballads about a failed relationship funneled through depressed jitters of caffeine to anthemic, 808-heavy take-downs of environmental racism (as a few light examples).


Consequently, he has earned kind nods from the New York Times, the LA Times, SPIN, AFROPUNK, DJ Booth, HipHopDX, HYPEBEAST, Bandcamp, STEREOGUM, and others.

He remains the poet laureate of his living room, and has a higher vertical leap than your favorite rapper.

Selected Videos
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