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Notable Quotables
"Langston executes his words and music with a confidence and ease that cannot be taught."
-Lily Moayeri for LA Weekly
"Like a surrealist Afrofuturist mural etched momentarily in mercury, Rhys Langston’s Future Suite is strange, beautiful, thought-provoking, and compellingly too-short"
-Nathan Leigh for AFROPUNK
"You soon see how and why a funny folklorish character like Rhys Langston comes to fruition here in L.A. Hailing from the far away lands of Langstonia, the multi-disciplinary artist Rhys Langston captured the attention of Earthlings with his Full Frontal Incumbent, an Incongruous Mixtape—a genre-defying attempt at revealing the the human mind."
-Senay Kenfe for LA Record


Rhys Langston is a vocalist, producer, and multi-disciplinary artist born, raised, and based in Los Angeles, CA.  Live in concert and recorded, his works are available in high-definition stereo and full-frontal honesty.  The former, his performance ability, sees a junction between beat-based music, stand-up comedy, and avant-garde poetry.  His studio work relishes in its (mostly) self-produced-and-contained polish, with songs' concepts and sounds ranging from crooning ballads about a relationship's MSRP to post-Migos lamentations on microaggressions, unemployment, and post-grad blues.  


Consequently, he has earned the kind praises of AFROPUNK, LA Weekly, TinyMixtapes, LA Record, Passion of the Weiss, IMPOSE Magazine, and other respectable outlets. 


He remains the poet laureate of his living room, and has a higher vertical leap than your favorite rapper.

Selected Videos
"His music is effortlessly engaging, as Rhys is both self-serious and totally willing to laugh at himself at any moment. On Langston’s latest LP, Aggressively Ethnically Ambiguous, the LA emcee turns in his strongest iteration of this style to date, blending real life struggles with witty observations regarding our general absurdity—often within the same line."
-Will Schube for Passion of the Weiss
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"He speaks for more than just himself."
-Samuel Diamond for TinyMixtapes