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Selected Works

Q: Who, what can project in the most circulation? A: A well-nourished entelechy.
Transit Re-Authorized at Fairfax and 3rd (Appropriated Metro)
A Discussion of Redress: the Octoroon Cadaver Muses of Black Power Merchandise
Reciprocal Perspective Still Life on The Idiot Box (after Berger)
Skin Fade to a Halftone, Colorstruck (self-portrait)
the front face lens as serialized fresco (self-portrait)
Aggressively Ethnically Ambiguous (self-portrait)
Deep Bifold Holds A Metallurgist Substrate
The Legionnaire Patinas Beneath
'a mouth to triple bypass,' says the weighted ear
Deep Moss Kevlar No. 9
Casta Painting
horned effigy to screaming socials
Nether-Fly on Raw Poplar
Encaustic Flag Beneath the Mineral
Permanence A: Turquoise Dactyl
Untitled Yellow
A Well-Ochred Host
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